HAUFE – Austik slats

Absorbing sound with the HAUFE acoustic slats

Timeless – elegant – functional

In energy-efficient buildings with concrete core activation, high demands are placed on room acoustics. With a free cross-section of 80 percent and a sound absorption value (aw) of 0.35 (H), the acoustic lamella is the link between a good climate and pleasant room acoustics.

The slats are micro-perforated and fitted with a special sound-absorbing acoustic fleece to fill the profile. In this way we achieve full absorption of the room sound. Due to the particularly large free cross-section, the air from the TGA systems can fall downwards through the ceiling over a wide area. Compared to conventionally circulating air, air falling from above is perceived as particularly pleasant. This is because there are no draughts as a result.


Variable sound absorption design

To increase the absorption of reverberation, the acoustic system can be supplemented with additional options. It must always be considered whether the ceiling system is allowed to close the free space to the raw ceiling or whether the large free cross-section of the system must be used. This is the case, for example, with concrete core activation.


Variant A:

All of the slat systems we offer can be covered with a highly effective acoustic panel or an acoustically effective fleece. Both the acoustic panels and the acoustic fleece are placed directly on the slats. Due to the high free cross-section of the system, the functionality of the acoustic panel or acoustic fleece is not significantly impaired. Therefore, an aw value of up to 1.0 (H) can be achieved. However, this closes the system. This aspect must be taken into account with regard to fire protection specifications, etc.


Variant B:

Our depth absorber system is additionally mounted vertically above the lamella system on a CD profile substructure (on-site). This allows the aw-value to be set to max. 0.6 (H) be increased. The ceiling system is not closed and the advantage of the high free cross-section can still be used.

This system can also be combined with all the slat systems we offer. The absorption values are different in combination with the standard system and the acoustic louvre system. The depth absorber system can be planned in the course of lamellas and/or mounting rails. The entire system is available in fire protection class A. Sections and further details can be found in the technical brochure.


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