Development of a tool concept for presenting the ecological footprint

Last year, we launched an exploring project in collaboration with S-TEC (Stuttgart Technology and Innovation Campus) and Fraunhofer IBP and jointly developed a concept for a tool that shows the ecological footprint of various heating systems. We are more than satisfied with the result and look forward to implementing the tool in our consultations. 

The idea

There is a great need for energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions in the construction sector. The benefits for the climate and energy consumption are often not directly measurable, but depend on the interaction of various factors. However, these factors are often only perceived individually by customers, planners and building services engineers and compared with other empirical values. As part of the Exploring Project, a concept was developed for a tool that presents existing data and calculations as clearly and transparently as possible. The aim is to provide the information and conditions required for the sustainable use of surface temperature control elements.

The implementation

The project began with an idea sketch and the application for the Exploring Project in order to emphasize the goal as well as the added value and benefits. The well-founded EPD (environmental declaration) of the HAUFE surface temperature control system with copper elements served as the basis. The aim was to visualize and compare the relationship between flow temperature, heating load, cooling load and the influence on the life cycle assessment (production, use, end of life). The surface-tempered ceiling system was compared with two other heating systems with regard to the same parameters.

The tool concept is currently in the final phase and we are looking forward to presenting it soon. If you would like to get an insight into the project now, you can find out more on the S-TEC page: S-Tec project page

Many thanks to S-Tec and Fraunhofer IBP, we are delighted with the competent support and technical know-how of your team!