HAUFE Surface temperature control

Heating and cooling with one system

In addition to acoustics, the room climate plays a particularly important role nowadays. We have also taken on this challenge and developed an innovative system that can both heat and cool. This creates a pleasant room climate that, in combination with microperforation and acoustic fleece, perfectly meets the requirements of climate and acoustics.


Why surface temperature control?

Three components are decisive for the perception of comfort: Air temperature, surface temperature and humidity in the room. When these are in the right relationship to each other, we feel comfortable. A good room climate and pleasant room acoustics help people to concentrate better and to work in a relaxed manner. Often, however, it is difficult to combine all three requirements in a cost-effective and creatively sophisticated way. That is why we have developed a louvre system that cools and heats the room and significantly reduces the reverberation time in the room.


High efficiency, lower costs

The HAUFE surface temperature control system clearly stands out from many commercially available climate control ceilings due to its extremely positive cost balance. Thanks to flow temperatures of 19 to 20 °C for cooling and 26 to 28 °C for heating, as well as a large flow volume, the running operating costs are up to 75% lower than conventional heating/cooling systems. A building can be heated and cooled with only one overall hydraulic circuit. Conventional planning with concrete core activation or underfloor heating is superfluous, as HAUFE surface temperature control implements this function more quickly and efficiently. In addition, the system can be operated exclusively with renewable energy sources such as geothermal energy and heat exchangers. If the required electricity is generated by a photovoltaic system, sophisticated planning makes it possible to operate the entire building in a self-sufficient and CO2-neutral manner, regardless of its size.