HAUFE System outlet

No room for ventilation?

We have had an innovative air outlet developed especially for the HAUFE lamella ceiling. It can be installed invisibly and in a space-saving manner above the ceiling. With the low construction height of 180 mm and a recommended distance of 40 mm to the upper edge of the lamella ceiling, total construction heights (incl. lamella ceiling) of 285 to 305 mm can be realised. Since there is no physical connection to the louvre ceiling, both the louvre ceiling and the ventilation system can be installed without interface problems.
Although the air outlet can move an air volume of 300 m³/h at 30 dB (A), there are no noticeable draughts when the room air is mixed. The exhaust air unit, which is almost identical in construction, transports up to 600 m³/h of exhaust air out of the room.
The cooling capacity of the HAUFE surface temperature control can be increased in conjunction with this air diffuser.
Compared to a slot diffuser, you can count on uncomplicated installation and at the same time have a very good price-performance ratio.



  • Can be mounted above the HAUFE slatted ceiling
  • No trade interfaces ventilation/ceiling
  • Mounting to the raw ceiling (sound decoupled)
  • "invisible" black lacquered
  • No disturbance of the ceiling optics
  • Supply air in cooling mode Delta T = 8K
  • 300m³/h at Lwa = 30dB(A)
  • Overall height 180mm
  • Distance to top edge of ceiling construction ideally 50mm
  • Distance between air outlets ideally > 3m


  • 350m³/h per diffuser, LW = 5 1/h
  • Sound power Lwa = 35dB(A)
  • Discharge height 4m
  • Flow temperature ceiling 30°C
  • Supply air temperature 22°C, Delta T = 6K
  • Room mixing within a very short time
  • Vertical temperature curve corresponds to DIN EN ISO 7730 category A


  • 235m³/h per diffuser
  • Lwa = 27dB(A)
  • Delta T = 6K Cooling