HAUFE Planning

Everything made to measure

Our ceiling mirror planning is based on the architect's planning, in which the technical installations above and in the ceiling as well as the ceiling line and the desired direction of the slats are recognisable. After the fabricator has sent us the natural dimensions, we start working out the ceiling mirror. Here we also determine the support rail distances, which are based on the installations in the raw ceiling area and in the ceiling.

The length of the slats is also adapted to the measurement. This means that costly on-site cutting can be largely avoided. The punched holes for holding the slats in the mounting rails can be aligned according to the planned mounting rail position so that no further punched holes are visible in the slats outside. This guarantees an exact implementation of the planning in the object. Thanks to our modern punching machines, we are also able to adapt the slat lengths to sloping walls at the planning stage and deliver the goods ex works. We can also offer a special support rail that runs outside the 90° angle to the slat.

Since the support rail spacing can be planned at irregular intervals, the ceiling can be adapted exactly to the spatial conditions. In this way, we achieve precise lines and a harmonious overall appearance.

A good example of the high quality of our planning is our reference project "Experimenta Heilbronn", in which the entire slat lengths (also in the slopes) were planned in the ceiling mirror and manufactured in our factory. The distances to walls and adjoining slat fields were kept absolutely exactly due to our planning. Of course, our systems can also be installed without planning. For such orders, the slats are supplied in a standard length and provided with a standard punching of e.g. 100 mm. The track layer can then be installed in a grid of 100 mm. In this case, the slat lengths must be adjusted on site with a cross-cut saw. By eliminating the planning lead time, we can also realise shorter delivery times.

You can find more information about our planning services in the download area.