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Dorotheen Quarter | Stuttgart

The successful premiere for the new V-Slat from HAUFE Ceiling Systems took place in the most prominent location in Stuttgart. This is because the new Dorotheen Quartier by Behnisch Architekten is located in the heart of the city, between Königstraße and the Old Palace, and in the direct vicinity of Martin Elsaesser's famous Markthalle. Anyone travelling through the city on the B14 urban motorway cannot fail to notice the Dorotheen Quartier with its striking roofscape.

Behnisch Architekten completely rearranged this area of Stuttgart. Previously, it was perceived more as the back of the Breuninger department stores'. Now, three blocks have been created that turn the previously frayed inner-city area into a tangible sequence of squares. Because this quarter in the centre of the city is also historically highly dense, the Dorotheen Quartier became a hotly debated local topic. Above all, the asymmetrical roofscape with the luxury flats underneath caused a stir. But because the view of Stuttgart is mostly downwards from the edges of the basin, the roofscape as the "5th façade" is particularly important in this city.

High-quality gastronomy, adequate retail and the aforementioned luxury flats made the Dorotheen Quartier a demanding building task - also and especially in terms of interior design. The architects therefore chose the new V-slats from HAUFE Ceiling Systems, which were used on around 3,000 square metres in white RAL 9003 - supplemented by around 200 square metres of the standard U-slat system in black. The slat spacing is 50 mm for both systems.

The HAUFE ceiling systems were mainly used in the corridors, where they support the effect of the expressive architecture. This was a particular challenge for the planning. The corridors are very different in width. Therefore, the slats could not - as is usually the case with HAUFE - be precisely defined and adapted by planning a ceiling mirror, the slat lengths and the support rail spacing. Rather, in this project they were only adapted on site. HAUFE was thus able to demonstrate the great flexibility of the system once again. Incidentally, the new V-slat system was used here for the first time over a large area. HAUFE designed a new mounting rail tool especially for this purpose in order to fix the slats perfectly in the mounting rail.

Architect: Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart
Publisher : Jäger Ausbau GmbH
HAUFE product: V-Lamelle, similar to RAL 9003 and U-Lamelle, similar to RAL 9005
Photographer: David Matthiessen
Fact box:
- approx. 3,000 sqm V-Lamelle white
- Realised: 2017