HAUFE References

Party Rent | Feldkirchen

Party Rent's new location in Feldkirchen offers a variety of possibilities for the company. One of the goals of the new building was to bring events to life with a timeless look. The stringent and exact linearity of the HAUFE U-Slat fits this perfectly.

More than 1,200 sqm of the smooth U-slat were planned and installed on several floors exactly according to room dimensions. The special feature: over 900 of HAUFE's acoustic absorbers provide good sound absorption in the sober and natural rooms.

Architect: Jarosch Architektur
Publisher: Gesellschaft für Isolier- und Brandschutztechnik mbH
HAUFE Product: U-Lamelle smooth, similar to RAL 9003
Photographer: BUCK Fotodesign
Fact box:
- approx. 1,200 sqm
- Accessories: 900 sound-absorbing acoustic absorbers, over 300 modular panels